Maria Noi - Herbal Mandala

Growing Together

Herbal Circle through the Wheel of the Year

English speaking women's circle for women exploring and celebrating the changing seasons of life


Do you want to join a women's circle

to honour and celebrate the changing seasons?

center and be yourself

listen and share from your heart

connect with other women

share stories and experiences

Grow Together through the Wheel of the Year

and celebrate the nature of the Cycles of Life

Daisy Mae - Rosebud at Ceratonia


Circle marking the Wheel of the Year

on Friday Evenings, 6:30pm-9:30pm

sharing stories and experiences in the Wheel of the Year Circle

29th October 2021

Samhain - Reflection and Release (last harvest)

DARKNESS RISING - releasing the past cycle, looking inward

elder - pre-menstrual days

17th December 2022

Midwinter - Celebration (winter rest)

DARKNESS PEAKING - celebrating the return of the light in the depth of darkness

death - menstruation

28th January 2022

Imbolc - Rest and Renewal (conception)

LIGHT RETURNING - setting intentions, planting seeds

rebirth - late menstrual days

18th March 2022

Spring Equinox - Fertility (pregnancy)

LIGHT IN BALANCE, WAXING - union of opposites

youth - non-fertile days

29th April 2022

Beltane - Pregnancy (birth)

LIGHT RISING - celebrating love and life (Voll Lust Guest?)

menarche - pre-ovulation

17th June 2022

Midsummer - (summer celebration of life)


conception - ovulation

29th July 2022

Lughnasadh - (first harvest)


mother - post-ovulation

16th September 2022

Autumn Equinox - (harvest)


menopause - non-fertile days

4th November 2022

Samhain - Death, Loss and New Beginnings (last harvest)

DARKNESS RISING - integrating and celebrating life's harvest and losses

elder - pre-menstrual days

one cycle of 9 Wheel of the Year Circles - €290 per year (paid by 29th October 2021)