WildRose - Wilde Möhre Distelfink

Growing Together

Moon Circle

monthly English speaking women's circle

cycles of nature and life


Do you speak English and want to join a monthly women's circle?

center and be yourself

listen and share from your heart

connect with other women

share stories and experiences

Grow Together in the Moon Circle

and reveal the hidden nature of Woman



Monthly Moon Circle on Wednesday Evenings, 6:30pm-9:30pm

breaking taboo's - demystifying myths and expectations and

sharing experiences in the Moon Circle

16th February 2022

Menarche and Menstruation

BLOOD - becoming a bleeding woman - then and now

16th March 2022

Women's Health

BODY - being a woman - body image, self-care, health care

13th April 2022

Fertility Awareness and Cyclical Living

CERVIX - living in nature's cycles - my body through the cycle

18th May 2022

Conception and Contraception

SEX - baby making - desires, choices and consequences

15th June 2022

Pregnancy, Birth and the Babymoon

BIRTH - becoming a mother - as a person, a woman, a mother

(summer break)

14th September 2022

Mothers and Mothering

MOTHER - being a mother - as daughter, as mother

12th October 2022

Menopause and Beyond

AGING - gaining wisdom and perspective - growing into yoúr power

9th November 2022

Grief, Loss and New Beginnings

DEATH - experiencing death and letting go - major life changes

7th December 2022

Celebration and Rest

MENTAL HEALTH - integrating and celebrating life's experiences - rest and renewal


all ages, all stages, all experiences of being a woman welcome

one cycle of 9 Moon Circles - €280 per year (paid by 16th February 2022)

one single Moon Circle - €35 per Circle (paid in advance or at the Circle directly)

location in/near Vienna still to be confirmed

(if possible we will meet live, if necessary we will meet via Zoom)