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Herbal & Doula Projects

There are so many mazing projects happening around the world that are making a real difference to the people and places they support.


So I have decided to dedicate a small fraction of my income to supporting other projects that hove touched my heart in some way, all connected directly or loosely, to herbal medicine or doulaing.


Please feel free to browse these amazing projects and if you can offer your own support to them or follow and share them on social media.

Herb Garden Field View 21-07-29 02.JPG


The following projects range from  people I have directly learned from or trained with, to whom I feel enourmous gratitude,

to projects I have come across and feel passionate about supporting in a small way,

to projects I am currently active in and supporting not just financially, but also with my time and activities. 

Memberships & Donations

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